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Systemic autoimmune disease

Filling the gaps in diagnosis and care

Systemic autoimmune diseases, such as systemic sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus, are complex multisystem disorders with varied symptoms and treatment responses. These diseases are complex to diagnose and often fall through the cracks due to the need for routine check-ins or long-term monitoring. Current treatment options focus on short-term symptom management, rather than providing disease-modifying solutions. ImmuType provides clinicians with actionable molecular information early in disease progression, reducing the time between diagnosis and treatment.

Our Mission

Personalized and effective care

ImmuType provides drug developers, clinicians, and patients with precise information to treat the individualized molecular causes of systemic autoimmune disease. We envision a future where patients will have access to personalized and effective care.

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We provide actionable insights for patients
with systemic autoimmune disease.

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